The Best Accessories for Halo and Apollo Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes are the new sensation for smokers above 18 years. The cigarettes are battery operated which can be recharged and filled with smoke juice and flavour. There are several big brands in this industry offering best quality e- cigarettes at competitive rates. The cigarette companies are offering great variety of cigarette e- liquids, designer exterior of the cigarettes and packages.

When we talk about the accessories that compliment the e- cigarettes, you can observe that many companies who are promising of cheapest e- cigs packs are not offering even standard accessories. As a result you will have to spend extra money on these accessories. Accessories help you to use your e-cigs with more efficiency. There are many accessories that are available along with electronic cigarettes. Some of the best accessories available with world leading companies are given below:

Accessories from Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs designs their accessories range with full compatibility with its cigarettes. You can use these standard accessories which are available at reasonable rates. Along with the common accessories like chargers, starter kit, adapters, batteries and vaporizers; Halo Cigs also offers accessories which you can show off among your friends. The silky thread carry purse for cigs are nicely designed which can be used by men and women. You can carry your e-cigs in style in the carry case offered by the company which is so slim and sleek to accommodate in your tiny wallet or back pocket of your denims. It would be an excellent idea to buy these accessories during Halo cigs promos, so that you can use the promo deals and Halo coupon codes to save a lot of money.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Accessories

Apollo E- Cigarettes are best known brand in the industry with world class products and easy to use accessories that compliments their products. Apollo offers great variety of starter kits to their customers bundled with chargers and other useful accessories. Apollo E- Cigs accessories are available easily in the market. The most popular accessories from Apollo are the Apollo Mini 2 USB Car charger that allows you to power your cigarettes on the go. Whether you are touring or travelling, charge your cigarettes anytime. Portable Charging Case with Apollo is very famous which is available with all the starter kits of Apollo. The charging kit has body of rubber to firm your grip and is sleek and slim so that you it can be accommodated even in your back pocket. The case comes along storage slot that can hold spare battery for you. Again, these world class accessories are available during at Apollo cigs discounted prices and it would be a shame to not use the Apollo coupon codes and the promo deals to save some moolah!

Battle for e-Cig Supremacy: V2 cigs vs Blu cigs

There are lots of E-cigarette brands around, but two brands that really stand out from the rest are V2 cigs and Blu cigs. Both designed high quality E-cigarettes that will help people switch to E-cigarettes for good. Both are easy to use, have flavors that taste like real cigarettes and their styles closely resemble real cigarettes too. Most importantly, both value their customer so much that they give away referral rewards and V2 cigs coupons and Blu cigs coupons from time to time.

Both are indeed great brands but there’s still a need to determine which brand is superior than the other. Let us analyze both brands deeper.


V2 cigs win the battle of batteries hands down for so many reasons. First off, it is worth noting that Blu cigs only offer automatic batteries while V2 cigs offer automatic and manual. With automatic, you can just puff into your E-cigarettes and it will work instantly while in manual batteries, you will need to push a button to activate the E-cig. While automatic batteries are very convenient, manual batteries produce more vapor. Secondly, Blu cig batteries are not powerful enough. Even their premium ones cannot match the power of regular V2 cigarettes, so what more will V2 Ex batteries can offer you?

There are three types of Blu Cigs batteries: Original which can last about 80 puffs, Premium can last about 100 puffs , and Premium 100 can last around 100-200 puffs on a single charge. V2 has four batteries to offer: The shorty which last 100-150 puffs, the standard last around 150-200 puffs, the long one which can last 200-300 puffs and the Ex series which can last up to 500 puffs.

Flavor Cartridges

It is a tie for flavor cartridges. Both brands have awesome flavors that vapers will surely enjoy. Blu cigs is the first E-cig brands that manufactured their E-liquids here in the US instead of China. They’ve partnered with leading juice maker Johnson Creek to make these seven great flavors including classic tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, coffee java, pina colada and peach schnapps. V2 cigs on the other hand is the only brand that publishes the results of their E-liquid batch testing and complete ingredients online so they get a point for transparency. Furthermore, they are also the only brand that sells E-liquid refills. People can then choose to refill their cartridges rather than replace them (which is cheaper). They offer 12 flavor options including the V2 red (which taste like Marlboro cigarettes), sahara (taste like Camel cigarettes), congress, mint tea, menthol, peppermint, cola, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, cherry and grapes.


There are two ways to get started on e-cigarettes. One is to through disposables which are pre-charged and pre-filled. Just throw them away after the cartridge is empty and the battery is out of charge. Blu cigs offer disposables at $10 each for around 400 puffs. V2 cigs offer V2 cigs disposable ecig too at $8 for around 450 puffs. Both are perfect disposables that can give you a great start to the vaping world. However, Blu cigs got the advantage here though as Blu cigs disposables are available almost everywhere. From the online world to all gas stations, groceries and supermarkets in the United States. It would be so easy for anyone to buy one and switch to E-cigarettes.

Starter kits

Another way to get started in E-cigs is to get a complete starter which includes the basic elements of vaping – batteries, cartridges, chargers – plus a few accessories. V2 cigs won this over Blu cigs as they offer more starter kits option including one of the best we’ve seen around – the V2 Ultimate. V2 cigs offer six starter kits – Express, Economy, Standard, Standard Plus, Couple, and Ultimate. Blu Cigs only offers one type of starter kit for each of the Original, Premium, and Premium 100 battery models.


Overall Price & Value

Overall, both V2 cigs and Blu cigs are very affordable. with prices ranging from $30-$150. Both also offer great quality so you are sure that every penny you spent is worth it. Furthermore, both offers V2 coupon code and Blu cigs coupon codes for people to get their E-cigarettes in a more affordable price. Simply click through the e-cigarette coupons and enter the V2 cigs coupon code and Blu cig coupon code before you check out and get instant discount. You can get as much as 50% off, a free delivery or  dollars off in your purchases.

In conclusion, Blu cigs main advantage is its co0l factor (with a sleek design of E-cigarettes and a social feature that is perfect for meeting new friends) and its US made E-liquid (however, that savory goodness is lost on a subpar ecig battery). However, V2 cigs are just so big in value and innovation that it clearly win the battle for E-cig supremacy. They are the #1 E-cig brand around and you will never disappoint when you choose V2 cigs.


Frequently Ask Questions About E-Cigarettes

Hello and welcome to – the site where we give the gift of E-cigarettes! This is our first post here at our new site and it is just right that we start with a very informative article. There’s no better way than to start by answering the FAQ (frequently ask questions) about E-cigarettes. Read on and be informed about the wonderful things E-cigarettes are.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

While there are many types of electronic cigarettes around, most of them function in the same way. There are two major parts of E-cigarettes, the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge contain the E-liquid nicotine (main ingredients are water, flavoring, vegetable glycerin and polypropylene glycerol, which is an FDA approved substance used in medicines, cosmetics, drinking water, etc) and the atomizer. When a user puffs into the E-cigarette (or in some case push a button) the battery will then power up the atomizer which will heat the E-liquid nicotine in the cartridge. This will then produce a smoke-like vapor that users can inhale, giving them the same feeling and throat hit that smoking traditional cigarettes give.

What are the types of Electronic cigarettes?

There are two main types of E-cigarettes. The disposables, the regular ones and the high voltage. The disposables would act like a traditional cigarettes. Start using them immediately and when the flavor cartridge (one flavor cartridge is equal to one pack of cigarette) is empty and battery already died down, then you can just throw them away. The benefits of disposable ones are it is cheap because you can only use it once and they are readily available to use – co complicated tech stuffs – just pick one up, inhale and enjoy. Thus, making it a great entry level for those who just want to test the waters in the world of E-cigarettes. However, know that the quality of disposable cigarettes are poorer than regular ones. Most disposables are limited in only a few flavors and the vapor production is not that thick too. The regular cigarettes are the ones that you can use as many times as you want. Simply refill the flavor cartridge whenever it is empty or charge the battery whenever it died down. The two parts can easily be unscrew so there is no problem with that. The battery can be charge the same way you charge your mobile phones. The regular ones are very reliable and are really high. They come on different flavors, different batteries, different nicotine strength and a lot more enjoyable vaping experience.

How To Use a Regular Electronic Cigarette?

To get started, as soon as you get the kit, give the batteries a full charge. Most E-cigarette kits comes with an initial battery charge of 50% but by giving it an initial full charge, you condition the battery to a better first time vapign experience you’ll have. After that, screw the battery and the flavor cartridge together. Then hold your E-cigarette in a horizontal position just like you do with traditional cigarettes. Lift your lips, inhale and enjoy.

When to charge batteries

Usually, E-cigarette batteries last about 2-5 hours. Once the battery needs recharging, the LED tip will flash and will no longer activate. Simply unscrew the battery from the flavor cartridge, attach it to the charger and connect to a power source. The charger will indicate when the battery is charging and when it is already fully charged too.

When to change cartridges

Unlike batteries, cartridges do not have a visual indicator to let you know they’ve run out of e-liquid. It would be base on your instinct and taste to know if it is already empty. You may notice that there’s not as mach vapor coming out already or you may feel a burnt taste. Simply unscrew the empty cartridge and screw a new one.

What e-cig brands to get

There are lots of great E-cig brands around. In our next article, we will review two of the best brands around which are V2 cigs and Blu cigs. We will even give V2 cigs coupons and Blu cigs coupons for you. So stay tune for that.

Vape with Fashion With Vapor Couture

vapor couture lady Vape with Fashion With Vapor Couture

Ladies, feel the spirit of Christmas, even though it’s so many months to go still with this first and ever E-cigarette brand made especially for the ladies Presenting Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture is a new high-end fashion brand created by VMR Products, makers of the famous V2 Cigs. Vapor Couture features slim and elegant E-cigarettes, sexy accessories and delicious flavors that ladies will surely love.

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